31 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner.

Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner

Colour 001 Ebony Black

Est. £5.29


Rimmel Says:

‘Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Eye Liner is the ultra precision liquid eye liner, its professional brush delivers the finest line to give you exceptional results.’

This is my favourite liquid eyeliner, and I’ve been using it for years. I’d usually get it from Boots and it lasts for ages. I’m not sure if they do this exact one any more, but they do one which I believe to be the same, just rebranded. It’s called ‘Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner’. From what I can see, it’s the same product, just newer out. (I’ve had mine for a while!)

It’s an attractive shaped tube and the part which holds the liquid seems to be of a large size so that’s good. It has a long handle for better grip and easy precision. Nice to hold and easy to use.

On the bottom is a single line and on the top is the line coloured in a bit more and thickened up. It has a very thin brush so you can get really defined lines. It goes on smooth but brings out a thick line, and fills out the colour well. Not much need to go over it a lot, which is good. It doesn’t take too long to apply to get the desired effect.

A few terrible pictures of the eyeliner on (I’m not too good at close up shots!). There’s no other make up on so it looks very basic, but it’s just to show how easy it goes on and simple it is to do. You can do thin lines with the brush or thicker with ease, depends on how you like your liner.

This is a really great product for the price, and I will definitely be buying it again when this one runs out. Hopefully the newer tube will be the same product!

Definite recommendation.

28 March 2012

What I did today.

The theme of this post is just basically what I did with my day today.

Let's start off with this morning!

I woke up somewhat early and had to leave my unwell boyfriend in bed (aww!) to go up my Nan's for a little day out. It was me, my Nan, my Aunt and my Cousin, and we went out for some lovely noms! The best part about it was the cake!


Then when we got back, me and my Cousin went and took the doggies for a walk. Let me introduce you to Cleo.

Isn't she lovely? I tried to walk her, but it was more like she walked me!

Next up, can anyone say 'Eggs'?

My Aunt has a few chickens out in her back garden, and this is the massive haul of eggs! Never the need to buy eggs anymore.

I also spotted a kitty while I was there..

Way up on top of the wardrobe! Cute Kitty.

Mail Call!

Came home to a small package today, nothing fancy.

What could it be?

Eyelashes! And guess how much? .. 99p! From eBay, again. Now, I'm terrible at putting on eyelashes. So terrible in fact that I can't actually do it. So I thought I'd start off cheap and keep trying until I get it right. Any tips would be helpful!

Hopefully I'll have a decent blog post coming up soon. Still doing my research and trying to get a grasp on blogging and finding content. And again, any advice on that would be lovely.

I'll leave it at that today, have a good one!


27 March 2012

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26 March 2012

Lola In The Lounge's Giveaway!

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25 March 2012

What lovely weather we've been having! This picture was taken in the park at about 6PM, how pretty! My boyfriend and I spent the Saturday doing a few chores in the morning, back and for to the tip and then we went for a stroll around town and the park. It was a lovely day. Nice to see some warmth back into the air. And apart from my new shoes tearing my feet up, it was a pretty good day.

We even got up quite close to a few squirrels but they ran away up the trees :(

On Friday I did a little shopping with my mother, bought a few things.

First up, shoes! Now, I'm a nightmare to buy shoes for. I have long flat feet. So shoes never fit quite right. But these ones did, and they're so summery and nautical. These are from River Island and were £20. They're so nice I was thinking of getting them in plain black too, but they didn't have my size. They do online though. ^_^

Then I went on a bit of a Primark raid and found these beauties. They're a light greeny-blue shade with the leopard design on it. Really skinny with gold zips up to the ankles. Very lovely. £15.

Then there's this light see-throughy blouse. It's longer at the back than the front which looks quite nice when it's on. I wore it out Saturday with a vest underneath. £10 from Primark.

I also bought a few little bits from Primark too. A pair of tights with a stitching pattern down the back, and four pairs of small socks to wear with summery shoes. From about £1.50 to £2.50.

Now, I didn't buy this but I found it to be a bit of inspiration for some decoden! Very kawaii.

Mail Call!

Another package again, oh I do love eBay! I ordered this only a few nights ago, and it's here already, very impressive.

Another nail art stamping plate. This item totalled to no more than £3.00 on eBay, including postage. I can't wait to try this one out. Will be doing my nails some time this week in time for this weekend.

Big Sunday planned. Meal out with friends, a wrestling themed quiz, film night and Wrestlemania all in one. It's going to be a good day. But more on that when the time comes ;)

Oh I love shopping!

22 March 2012

Cookies, Nails and a New Buy!

Let's start off with the Cookies!

Mmm! They were so tasty. A nice after dinner snack.

Now onto the nails!

I bought a new nail colour yesterday, and I've just painted them to see what it's like!

The polish is Rimmel's 60 Seconds 415 Instyle Coral. It's a gorgeous peachy orange colour.

After a layer of base coat, and two layers of colour, this is what it looks like. Great coverage.

And this is all that, and a lovely top coat. Shiny!

Going to keep this on for a few days. I'm sure it'll look lovely in the sunshine!

Mail Time!

Ooh a package, fresh from China!

Bubble wrapped!

A new nail file! It's one of those crystal ones, I think. I had one before but it broke in my bag -.- I bought this one from eBay (my new favourite shopping place!) for about 99p. Can't really complain about that.

I should be shopping again tomorrow, hopefully. So I should have a nice topic for my next blog post!

Fingers crosses.

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20 March 2012

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Recent Buys Post!

As promised, here's a small list of all the things I've bought recently!

Let's start off with my favourite one.

A Hello Kitty iPad 2 case! It's perfect, quite well made and only cost me about £13 from eBay. Keeps my iPad very safe and very kawaii at the same time. ^_^

Next up is my very adorable Totoro bag. Also from eBay, about £15 and I got a free smaller bag too!

Also quite well made. I use it almost every day and it always makes me smile ^_^

After getting the free samples of Garnier's new BB cream, and seeing it for only £7.50 in Superdrug, I thought I'd give it a proper try. I usually use it under a layer of foundation if I'm going out somewhere nice. But if I'm in a rush I'll just use it on it's own with a bit of power on the top. I find it to be a really good product.

Clothes Time!

I'll start off with this sweet little blouse I got from Primark. I think it was only £10. It's very see-through, so you could either wear a vest underneath or a stylish bra top. It also has a pretty design on the back.

Also from Primark I got this sweet little playsuit. It only cost £5 too. It has an elasticated waist so it fits nicely, and it's a light material so it's perfect for summer.

Another favourite purchase this week was my CM Punk t-shirt. My boyfriend has a matching one too ^_^ Cost about £20 with £14 custom fees because it came shipped from America.

All in all, a good few weeks of buying I must say!

Toodles! xx

19 March 2012

Cake Decorating Magazine!

A few days ago my mother surprised me with a new magazine!

Cake Decorating Magazine, that is! It's so kawaii and colourful. And it also came with free gifts! You can never complain about free gifts.

So, here's what I got:

Butterfly-shaped cookie cutters and pink cupcake glitter and a cupcake stand! (Not that you can tell because I haven't put it up!)

Inside the magazine, it starts off with a tutorial to make butterfly cookies with the free cookie cutters. The page is laid out so nicely, very colourful and simple to understand. There's a step-by-step part with pictures and a small explanation.

Really easy to understand!

There are more tutorials for other cakes like a Victoria Sponge and Butterfly Cupcakes. There's also a section on Icing for Beginners, easy to get you started.

Some quick pictures on what you can make in this issue:

Looks so tasty! I can't wait to get started on making some of these!

What do you think, good magazine?

For more information please go to www.mycakedecorating.co.uk or you could probably find the magazine in your local newsagents!